Riffs on Beets Chevre

Riffs on Beets Chevre
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  1. beets
  2. tarragon
  3. misc. herbs
  4. shallots
  5. crumbled feta
  6. pistachios
  1. This recipe came just in time. I was trying to come up with a beet appetizer and this works perfectly if you puree the beets after roasting them and then layer on a bed of beet greens as a spread for sliced French bread or crackers.
  2. I roasted the beets with tarragon and next time I’ll add more herbs to the puree because I didn’t use the shallots (but maybe those could be roasted along with the beets and pureed too).
  3. I poured a little oil through the feed tube of my food processor as I pureed until I got the consistency I wanted.
  4. I used crumbled feta between the layers and on top and I didn’t sprinkle with pistachios because I didn’t have any but that would be good too.
  5. Looks beautiful on the greens!
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