Washing Your Greens

Washing Your Greens
We dropped by the farm yesterday at 11 to snag our booty. We had a full day with friends in the mountains and were crazy-busy past midnight. By the time I got to my farm share this morning, the spinach was fine, but the lettuce was pretty sad-sack. Here is a barn bit from last year. It will remind you of good washing practices for greens, and how to refresh them when they wilt. Our lettuce is perky and ready for a good salad, along with some of the spinach, a bit of the onion/garlic, some chopped egg, raisins, Kalamata olives, parsley.
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  1. Greens or spinach from your CSA or garden
  1. Trim all parts that will be discarded.
  2. Fill sink with cold water.
  3. Swish greens in water. Leave a few minutes for sand to drift to the bottom.
  4. Lift into a colander before draining the sink.
  5. Repeat in clean water until bottom of the sink is sand-free.
  6. Allow to dry before rolling in a towel.
  7. Place in a loosely closed plastic bag and store in fridge for two to three days.
  8. Use for salads while fresh, then stirfrys later on, and soups at the end.
  9. Greens wilted? Toss some ice in the last rinse sink, and they will perk right up. Dry well, and they are good to go.
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