Roasted Jimmy Nardello Peppers with Manchego Cheese

Roasted Jimmy Nardello Peppers with Manchego Cheese
Jimmy Nardellos are a long, thin, red, sweet pepper variety that's perfect for stuffing with salty Manchego cheese. A delicious appetizer or side dish!
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  1. Jimmy Nardello peppers, stem and seed core removed
  2. Manchego cheese, sliced 1/8 thick and 1/4 inch wide
  1. Preheat oven to 395.
  2. Slit each pepper on one side far enough to insert cheese (pick the side that's up when the pepper lays flat).
  3. Stick the cheese into the pepper, making sure to get one piece all the way to the tip. You may need a couple pieces in the wider part.
  4. Place on pan and bake for 20-30 minutes until cheese at the end browns.
  5. Serve right away and wish you'd made more.
  1. Any cheese will work but Manchego has the right saltiness for the Nardello sweetness.
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