Stonebridge Pepper Sprinkle

Stonebridge Pepper Sprinkle
We air dry a variety of spicy and smaller sweet red peppers like Jimmy Nardellos, paprika, and Hungarian Hot Wax to mix together for a pepper sprinkle we use all year.
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  1. Variety of small sweet and spicy peppers such as Jimmy Nardello, paprika, and Hungarian Hot Wax.
  1. Dry your selection of peppers by placing them in a dry spot with good circulation and away from direct sun.
  2. They should not be touching each other.
  3. Keep an eye on them because sometimes the seed pods mold, but they dry better intact than seeded.
  4. When completely dry and brittle in a few weeks, remove the stem and seed pod and grind in a dedicated coffee grinder (meaning dedicated to spices only).
  5. Store in glass spice jars.
  1. Placed in attractive herb jars with sprinkle tops, these make nice gifts!
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