Kale Chips (in microwave)

Kale Chips
We spent a little time and a lot of kale to come to this conclusion. Every leaf of kale is different. Every microwave is different. Every resulting kale chip is different. But it is all dang-good. This is what worked best for us. And now is a good time to experiment with exotic salts. Pink Himalayan salt, Mayan stone salt, truffle salt. The most difficult part is not eating them all as they come out of the microwave.
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  1. kale leaves with stems
  2. good-tasting extra-virgin olive oil, preferred weight
  3. salt
  1. Wash whole kale leaves with stems. Allow to dry thoroughly on paper toweling.
  2. Tear the leaves by halves off the stems and put leaves in one pile and stems in another.
  3. Massage leaves and stems with olive oil. Work it good.
  4. Microwave a layer of leaves for three minutes, sandwiched between paper toweling to keep oven clean.
  5. Test a leaf for your desired chippy crispness.
  6. Work in batches.
  7. Do the same with batches of stems; they will take a bit longer to crisp up.
  8. The kale will curl and crisp as it cools off. Salt to taste. That’s it!
  1. Cook’s tips and tricks: For our tests, we set the leaves aside that did not chip up as we had hoped for. They were perfect for a stir fry on a different day, already coated with oil.
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